Why Reduce Plastic Use?

Plastic has been a great benefit to the human race but is now doing at least as much harm as good – now Plastic is

polluting our oceans,

choking our rivers,

poisoning our wild life,

littering our streets, 

so Get Drastic with Plastic’ and Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, or Reject plastic which can’t be recycled.

  • Plastic is now found in ever-larger quantities in every part of the globe
  • 38 million pieces weighing 18 tonnes found their way to Henderson Island in the Pacific, one of the world’s most remote places
  • Lumps of plastic have been found embedded in melting Arctic ice
  • Plastic fibres are found throughout the food chain, even in our drinking water
  • They enter the digestive systems of animals, fish, birds and us
  • A million plastic bottles are made in the world every minute
  • Britons buy 38 million (3 billion litres) and fail to recycle nearly half
  • More and more fruit and vegetables are sold in plastic containers
  • Over 350 million tons of plastic are produced every year, most is not recycled

Thanks to lessplastic.co.uk for the below infographic:

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