What We Can Do

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle & Reject

  • Ask shops and supermarkets to please end urgently ‘one-use plastic’ (‘not yet/currently recycled’) and actively seek an alternative to all plastic usage
  • Re-use our plastic bags and bottles we do buy, maybe 20 times each….
  • Campaign for deposits on plastic bottles (like we used to on glass…)
  • Buy our fruit & veg from the local farm shops, requesting no plastic wrapping
  • Ensure all plastic is always recycled (don’t buy the black stuff, which isn’t)
  • Use bars of soap or refillable soap or shampoo bottles;
  • If you eat meat buy it fresh from local butchers, take your own bag….
  • Get milk delivered (fresher) in returnable glass bottles
  • Use pencils instead of plastic pens
  • Ban plastic straws, cutlery, coffee cups (buy a re-usable, just a tenner)

Thanks to lessplastic.co.uk for the below infographic:

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